Paid Maternity Leave'sMission

Paid Maternity Leave envisions the organization as a guide that trains each generation to improve mental, emotional, physical, and financial support among families with new members. .



Vision - Paid Maternity Leave provides families with stability to seamlessly adapt to a changing family unit.


The prosperity and dedication of Paid Maternity Leave is supported from a group of parents that are following God’s call to help families. Together our work is guided by these core values:

F - Faith (in what we can accomplish)

A – Awareness (of the current state of reality)

M – Monumental (changes that last generations)

I – Inspiring (others to join a cause to somehow improve humanity)

L – Leading (a life dedicate to the heart of God)

Y - Yes! (You too, can make a difference. Every person counts)


How We Began

Founding members of Paid Maternity Leave have various experiences with births, postpartum care, health, and education. Through their experiences sparked the conversation for what Postpartum Care should really look like and how it currently looks around the world. Through research we saw the demand on mother’s to cut their postpartum period short in order to return to work to provide for their families. This has created a rise in Postpartum Depression, Postpartum Anxiety, infant mortality, and maternal mortality in the United States. In fact, the US has the highest rates in the world. The time allotted to new mothers for healing and families to bond is only granted to those covered under FLMA; which, is only 12%. The importance of this aspect in life among today’s culture is practically non-existent in the eyes of this generation. We are here to say “No, More!” Together, we have a determination to raise awareness for the current care of mothers and families when there's a change to the family unit. To help transform the Family Medical Leave Act & Paid Maternity Leave Law and Regulations to better fit the true needs of families. We hope you join us in taking care of families to drastically cut the growing trend in Motherhood Mental Health Disorders, improve the strength of the family unit, and show others what true Postpartum Care can be.

We became a nonprofit organization with the State of Texas on Valentine’s day in 2018 and have hit the ground running. Working together with our community we were able to host our first event raising awareness to our organization and cause. May 12, 2018, the day before Mother’s Day, we gathered with over 25 local vendors to provide families with a chance to pamper their moms with gifts of their choice. We spread the word of our cause and how we, as an organization, are here to help mothers and families, starting in the Big Country Area. We profited $395 which we were able to put back into the organization for training and development support.  We are currently supporting our first mothers that are due this Summer 2018, and working with select few mothers in the pilot GROWTH program.

Meet Our Board

Ashley Grisham


Tawni Gary


Jenny Robertson


Project Developers

Matthew Howard

Web Development

What We plan to do in the Big Country!

What We Do

Paid Maternity Leave is a non-profit that is looking to bridge the gap for maternity leave pay. Many mothers have to return to work within days of giving birth because they can not afford to lose the pay. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics claim that only 12% of working mothers get any form of maternity pay. These statistics have not changed much in over 50 years. A mother should not have to choose between tending her newborn or paying bills. We have heard a cry for help and agree that it must be answered.

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This Begins in the Big Country Area!

There are approximately 2,800 births registered per year in Abilene. We want to walk beside mothers and families during their postpartum period connecting them with local resources, raise awareness for PMADs (Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders), and preparing them to return to the work force after their 12 week postpartum leave.

Who is Eligible?

Any soon-to-be mother or mother with a child less than 3 months old may apply online from anywhere in the Big Country counties.

The Selection Process

The applications will be categorized based on many factors including, but not limited to, disability, number of children, number of jobs, income level, expenses, physical health and mental health.

Maternity pay coverage will be evaluated on a monthly basis.

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